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           A close friend of mine at Brighton University, Becki Cobb, survived a stroke in February 2011 and was left paralysed on the left side of her body. Initially, she couldn't move her left arm and leg, she was unable to walk, sit up in bed or even smile. I had no idea that strokes can happen to young people and this is when I became aware of the Different strokes charity, as Becki was given a lot of support by them. I was in awe of Becki and found her determination to recover and her positive attitude, inspirational. I decided to make the 'Superstar necklace for Becki after she appeared on channel 5 'Live with Gabby'  and shared her story. I accompanied her to the studio and watching her tell her story made me want to give Becki something as a reminder of how far she'd come since her stroke and also to say what a superstar I think she is. The 'Superstar' necklace quickly developed after I decided I wanted to raise awareness of strokes in young people and the charity ‘Different Strokes’ had been such a fantastic support for Becki.

Superstar Collection

'Superstar' Different Strokes Charity Collection

Jordanne is working with Different Strokes charity, helping to raise money and awareness of strokes in young people by donating £5 to the charity for every classic ‘Superstar’ necklace sold. She is proud to confirm that over £550 has been raised so far.


Jordanne explains the story behind the 'Superstar' necklace and why she supports the charity.

Read Becki Cobbs story here


The 'Superstar' collection has now expanded and includes rings, earrings, and other styles of necklaces including oxidised silver. The classic 'Superstar' necklace raises £5 per necklace purchased and other jewellery from the ‘Superstar' collection raises £2 per item - all donations will go directly to Different Strokes charity.

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